How do I apply damage to my destructible mesh through blueprint?

how to destroy an object through bluprints? I do not mean “delete”, but apply physicsdamage so my destructablemesh goes to pieces?

Hey DoctorPC,

You can apply damage to a Destructible Mesh inside a Blueprint in a couple of ways, depending on how you have your destructible set up. If you create a Blueprint with a Destructible Mesh component, you can reference destructible component and use Apply Damage node or Apply Radius Damage.

Otherwise, you can apply damage or apply radius damage through whatever Blueprint Actor is hitting your destructible mesh, and it will work same.

Hope that helps!

Hey Doc you if you are trying to make destructible meshes then you might want to rephrase your question to get right kind of answers. Also you could look around in content examples they have some there you can mess with.

If i wont use this in C++ code? Whot i can do


If you’d like to figure out how to do this in C++, please create a new post in C++ Programming section.

Have a great day