How do I apply a force to an object?

I have an object that is effected by physics and I want to apply a force get it a little push in a direction when i spawn it. How do I do that?

I’ve tried using add impulse at location, add force at location, and add force. But none of them see to work. My object can be knocked around when I run into it so physics seem to work but when I try using those function it looks like physics just turn off for the object.

Did you tried to adding any Movement component to your actor? it has lot of extra physics features related to movment

I see that I can add a projectile movement or rotating movement component onto my blueprint. But those don’t seem to help when I put them on the blueprint. Is there something else I should attach?

Not exactly sure what fixed it but. Using apply force seemed to eventually work. I just messed with the values some more. Apparently really really high values might break it so Try a good range of values.

try using a Character movement comp.

AddLocalOffset is exactly what you want.