How do I apply a Cube Render Target 'flat' on a material?

Hey everyone:

I have a simple action that I would assume is very easy, but for some reason I am having problems.

When you place down a Scene Capture Cube, and render it to a Cube Render Target, you get something that looks like this:

The problem is, the only way that I was able to figure out to apply this to a texture is to plug the texture map into a reflection vector so it will map like a reflection map, but I don’t want that. I just want to output this texture on a material, reflection vector free.

I know that this has to be possible somehow becasue the above image displays a literal 2D texture, but I get a weird ‘coercion failed: parameters.texcoords[0].xy: float2 → float3’ error when I plug this texture into the material with standard UV’s

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Just came across this issue and found the answer:

In your material, use a UVToLatLong node between your TextureCoordinates node and the TextureSample UVs input, like so:


Then the resulting material applied to a plane might look like: