How do I animate my character in the ufo example

I’m making a dolphin swimming game, using the ufo example.

I’ve animated my dolphin swimming and made a blend space for it, however I’m not sure how to get thrust to tell the mesh to use the swimming animation.

I’ve used the unreal video tutorials and have created an animation blueprint that speaks to speed, I skipped the jumping part because my dolphin doesn’t jump (yet)

However in the tutorial series I see that he creates a character but the ufo uses a pawn. In the tutorial the speed of his character seems to just match up to character but it doesn’t seem to set to “FlyingPawn”

I’ve tried going in to “flyingpawn” in the view port and setting the animation mode to use animation blueprint and then selected the blueprint I’ve created but it still doesn’t seem to effect anything when I try to play the game. I’ve tried setting all the names to “speed” and “thrust” but no dice.