How do I always load the last level I was working on?

Is there anyway when loading a project to have the project load the last level that was being worked on?


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There is not an automated way to have the project open the last level worked on, however you can set the editor to open a specific level if you know you’ll be coming back to it continuously. Under Edit->Project Settings, click on “Maps & Modes” in the Game heading. There is a line for “Editor Startup Map” in the Default Maps section. Use the drop down arrow to select the level you want. The selected level will open first when loading the project and can be reset if you are switching to another level to do extensive work on.


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Project Browser docs explains how to do this:

In the Projects tab, you can check the Always load last project on startup checkbox to automatically open your most recent project and skip the Project Browser. To change this setting in-editor:

  1. Open the Editor Preferences window.
  2. Navigate to General > Loading & Saving.
  3. Under the Startup heading, toggle Load the Most Recently Loaded Project at Startup.
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Yes, this is the correct way with the latest version. The approved answer is outdated.

I believe that he was asking how to load the last LEVEL that he worked on, not last project. I remember vaguely there was some option for that, but cannot seem to find it and that’s why I stumbled upon this question.

In Editor PreferencesGeneral - Loading & SavingLoad Level at Startup and here you can choose “Last Opened”. I believe this is an actually correct answer to the question.


Uncheck the Always load last project on startup follow this steps:

  1. Open the Unreal Editor
  2. click FileOpen Project
  3. Uncheck the Always load last project on startup at Open Project Dialog
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The mentioned options no longer exist. Anyone knows how it’s called now and where it is located? It’s not under Maps&Modes…

Found it!

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