How do I allow player character to slide back down a slope?

This is probably pretty simple to all of you but I’ve been at it for some days now and I can’t find the answer. I started off with the rolling ball template but although this had the desired effect of gravity and “rolling” back down the slope it wasn’t quite what I needed. I’ve eventually created another character that works almost to exactly what I need but it just wont slide back down the hill.

When I simulate physics the character goes all crazy and won’t even stay in the same spot for any amount of time.
Heres a bit of the blueprint that handles the movement.

Here’s an example video of my char moving around on a slope. You will be able to see why I don’t want to “roll” down the hill.
[Example video here][2]

Thanks for any help.

Did you figure out a solution for this?

Sorry for a late reply, but if you’re still running into this problem: I ran into a similar issue and finally figured out a solution. You can get the current floor hit from character movement, then use the impact normal to get the direction, then put it into a looping timeline. Here is what mine looks like, just toggled rather than always on:


Hi, I’m a little but of a newbie, there in the bottom, it seems like there’s a lot of variables. Could you please let me know where do you use it and if there’s any specifics on creating it? Thanks!

I should have noted that in my project I needed the character to slide more easily and over much greater distances on toggle.

All those variables are default in the character movement component, which is automatically added when you create a character pawn.

Hi Dave, what is the node that converts the normal of the hit result for the floor hit to Cosine angle to degrees?

Never mind, it’s the Dot Product.

Slide involves continuous displacement effects, such as sliding downhill. In fact, anything involving displacement should be implemented in the Character Movement Component to ensure smoothness.
In addition, I found a plugin related to slide based on Physics on Unreal Marketplace. It seems like a one-stop solution to all problems. The demo uses the third person.