How Do I Allow My Friend To Play My Mobile Game

I know how to package my game and install it on my phone with all that USB configuration through my PC.

Does anyone know how to actually send it to a friend so they can install it on their mobile phone? I’ve done this with Window builds, but I’m new to Android builds. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Okay, I think I figured this out. I had to check the “Package game data inside .apk?” setting under Platforms → Android so that the OBB file packages with the APK file directly.

It seems that all I needed to send only the APK file and it worked. I have not confirmed that this works for everyone yet since I only tested it on my device as a separate installation path. My device already had some install files that the APK might have been using. I still need to check with my friend.

1.for Apk tap on it install it open it.

2.move one file with .obb extension to Internalstorage/android/obb/“Folder with name of your game”/

3.if you get an error about play store key clear cache and data of that app in app settings

###package into single apk will go wrong if size exceeds a certain amount