How do I align a Camera to the current view in the Editor Viewport?

Hi there, absolutely loving ue4, i’ve had so many questions but this is the first i’ll actually post:

Is there a equivalent ability in UE4 to Unity’s ‘Align with View’ functionality?

I use this a lot, as i specialise in cinematics and camera animation, and i’m finding it less than ideal to have to manually transform my cameras within blueprints or the level using gizmos. the editor debug camera is really good and granular, so i can compose my shots the way i want, but is there a way for me to snap my camera to that position and rotation?

if i could somehow debug the editor camera’s transform, i am happy to copy that out and manually specify if need be, the specific result i am trying to achieve is to have specifically compose cameras attached to gameobjects within my ‘map’ world, which the game camera can transition to when focused on that item, so i’m happy with world coordinates, i could do the relative position math manually also.

Thanks for the help!

(Also, i realise i could potentially use matinee’s camera view mode, but these are not necessarily matinee cameras, if that is my best solution, awesome, i’ll get more involved with it and using them in blueprints, as it stands i’m doing more level setup than actual cinema at this point. if i can access this functionality outside of matinee then also super awesome)

Hey NurtNurt,

Here is what I know so far about the camera. You have the typical F to focus on selected Actors. You also have Create Camera Here within the Level Editor Menu. You have other transform commands within the Level Editor Context Menu. So if you aren’t used these already, this may help you achieve your desired cinematic goals. Other commands like Align to Actor, are currently commented out in the source LevelViewportContextMenu.cpp. I was unable to find it linked to a key or button within the source. Looking back at an older Question/Answer, there was a request for an Align To… function. [Request] Align Objects - Mobile - Unreal Engine Forums



Aha! thanks for that, i expect i’ll get the relative transforms for my shots by dropping the by into the level at 0,0,0, then using the world position as a relative offset in the Blueprint.

Thanks for taking the time to answer!

(perhaps in the future i will be able to debug the editor viewport camera’s transform to the log, and get the info that way, i’ll worry about that when this project is done.)

I think the command you are looking for is “Snap Object to View”.

You move your editor view to your preferred position and direction and then you select your camera or player and choose “Snap Object to View” from the pop-up menu of the World Outliner.

I used version 4.12.5


This just helped me figure it out! Thanks Udo.