How do I adjust the player start location?

I started a 3rd person project and after loading a datasmith file, the player start location had changed to 20 meters above the level. I even reloaded the blueprints and adjusted the player start, but it keeps starting on an invisible plane above the world, what can I do here?

There could be a lot of things going on here:

  1. You have a collision volume stopping your player from getting to the player start. You’ll know this by looking at your level in collision view:


Also, the player will never land.

  1. Your player start is in the air. Solution, put it back on the ground.

  2. You have now player start. The player will start at location 0,0,0 and your map is below this point. Solution: move everything back up to zero, or put a player start in the level.

  3. You’ve clicked


and you’re looking at the map from up in the air, so your player will start there.

I think it’s probably one of these…

Thank you! It was collision. Next question, I imported a city engine file and (have done this before), but this time it included several unwanted collision barriers, is there a way to import without the collision? Or a away to remove all collision in a level, because there are 2000 objects and I can’t find the object that’s creating collision that’s making the player unable to get to the ground?

Just click all the offending actors in the level and search for collision in the details panel, you can turn it off there…