How do I adjust move speed when using MoveToLocation

I made an actor based on DefaultPawn for using navigation.
So, i tried to move an actor by MoveToLocation. It seemed worked well apparently.
But the problem is that It moved too fast. It just moved a long distance in the link of an eye.

I adjusted max speed, acceleration of FloatingPawnMoveComponent, but not worked.

What should I do ? thanks.

Hello -

An easy way to get a smooth movement for your object would be to use a timeline and linear interpolate(LERP) node. This allows you to set how far the actor moves over a given length of time. You can then use the output from the LERP to power a “Set Relative Location” node to move the actor.


I know what you’re saying but the point is slightly different.
I’m not talking about moving smoothly. I want to use movetolocation method of aicontroller for pathfollowing movement. But when I called that function the pawn moved to the goal position in an instant.

After a bit of research I was able to find this post: How to make a simple patrolling Super Mario Enemy AI? - AI - Epic Developer Community Forums

As stated by MieszkoZ (near the bottom of the page), the MoveToLocation node makes a request to move and then finishes instantly. Depending on how your actor is being used you could try using a SimpleMoveToLocation node or an AI MoveTo node.