How do I adjust and reset player pitch?

I want to make it so that when I hit a face button on the controller, the player smoothly looks down at the floor and then when I press a different face button, they look back up to the default height (straight ahead). Basically just increasing and decreasing the pitch values every tick until they reach certain points.

For the life of me I can’t get it to work, if anyone could provide the simplest of examples I’d be very grateful.

Its pretty easy actually you need following:

1.To use the GetControlRotation to get your current rotation.

2.Break this rotation using BreakRot node to get separate roll pitch yaw.

3.Set up a timer loop for step 4 and 5

4.Add some value to yaw that comes out of BreakRot at some interval .(the value and interval defines the smoothness of your roation)

5.Put this yaw+value back to a MakeRot node and then feed its output to SetControlRot node. if the yaw reaches the point you want to be looking down then stop the timer loop

repeat the same procedure decreasing the yaw value to look up

Thanks for the response, I think this is basically what I’ve been doing, but I’m unable to break the loop at the intended stopping point. I’ve uploaded an image if anyone can help clarify what I’m doing wrong.

Ah thats a timeline not good for use as timer, use setTimer node instead it has a input for looping and you simply set the input to false when you reach desired pitch

Thanks again for your help, I’ve put a setTimer in place but I’m still unsure of how to get the loop to actually break.

Can someone give me an example of this working as I’m absolutely stumped.