How do I adjust an inverted reflection from a SSR?

Hey guys

I’m stuck on a problem for a water material. The material is translucent and uses the depth find node together with a fresnel to set its opacity and also the amount of refraction and lerp between two base colors.

The problem is, that once the material is applied to a plane in the editor and light is built with a sphere reflection capture, the reflection on the surface of the material is shown inverted, or rather, it shows the same way as the world instead of upside down.

Follow the link below to see a screenshot of what I mean. It seems as if the reflection UVs of the SSR has been flipped in some way that I cannot understand.

Any help in the matter would be appreciated. Thanks.

It may be the refraction acting weird. How does it look without refraction?

Killing the refraction kills the reflection as well in some strange way. Tried all three lighting modes for the translucency as well and only Default Lit with a TLM_Surface generete even the slightest of reflections. Unfortunatly, without the refraction, the water becomes way too clear. I guess there is still issues with SSR on translucent materials.

Oh wait, i forgot. Translucent reflections dont have parallax correction yet so that is the problem i suppose. Also you definitely should use TLM_Surface to enable reflections for translucent materials. And you can use a scene capture 2D actor and use it in the material to get the reflection you want, but it will cost performance depending on the resolution you set for the texture.

I think that would be the way to go. For this lake thing, I can most likely generate a cube map for the reflection either way. Thanks for letting me pick your brain on this though. Hopefully, there will be support for the translucent materials in the future, along with properly working Light Propagation Volumes.