How do i add the starter animation pack to my character

im new to animations, im trying to add them to my character for a third person shooter. I cant figure out how to actually add the animations to the asset browser for my skeleton that comes in the third person template. Does anybody know any good tutorials fo how to do this?

For anyone else who couldnt figure out how to do this, you need to go into the skeleton (for your player and for the anim starter pack) and open the retarget manager. In the part that says “Select Rig” choose humanoid, then you need to map each bone of your character to the ue4asp character (unless your using the blue guy or the newer robot). then select the animations you want to use in your content browser and choose retarget anim assets> Duplicate anim assets and retarget. A really good tutorial to do this can be found here UE4 #1 Project setup, Animations import and Retargeting - YouTube

The youtube video explained it perfectly.
Thank you dear Sir :slight_smile: