How do I add point/control point to a Spline Mesh Actor's spline?


How do I add point/control point to a Spline Mesh Actor’s spline?

I tried Ctrl + left-click(LMB) but it does not add more point.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Hum…perhaps do not switch to ‘Game View’ in your viewport (the ‘G’ key) or you won’t be able to add some points…if your blueprint is working, just right click and ‘Add Spline Point Here’ :wink:

nah does not work, this actor is virtualy useless

You can only add spline points to a Spline Component (not a Spline Mesh Component). That being said, if you need more articulation in a particular spline mesh, you can use a spline to lay down a skeleton then build spline meshes between each pair of spline points. You can do this in the construction script by referencing each point and assigning their location, rotation, and tangents to the spline meshes start and end points. You can also update these at run time to make animated spline meshes. It’s particularly useful for fences, pipes, and roads (among other things), so that you don’t have to build a bunch of variable bend meshes.

So, I am left wondering why this behavior is not built into the Spline Mesh to begin with? Maybe perhaps a boolean toggle setting? Feasable Feature Request?