How do I add new animations to my mannequin?

I’ve downloaded new animations from the marketplace but I have no idea how to add them to the list of my mannequin available animations here on the bottom right list:

Can Somebody help please ?

You need to retarget the animations to the Mannequin skeleton in order to see them in there. Depending on who made the animations, you might also have to setup retargeting source and Rig before you can right click your animations and retarget to the Mannequin skeleton. Hope that points you in the right direction. Otherwise check out Epic’s documentation on retargeting. They got some nice videos showing how it’s done.

All I want to do is just add the new animations from the Animation Starter Pack . They are sharing the same model, rig etc as my mannequin. I watched a couple of videos and I can’t work it out.

Retargetting is a better solutions but try this, Export all of the animations from the Starter Pack as .fbx files then reimport them and select the Skeleton you want to apply them to, that may be easier for you than retargeting and relatively straight forward. During the reimport select the model from the drop down menu and they should all import and work on the skeleton you selected.