How do I add menus in my game?

Hello, a few friends and I want to create an MMO, but we don’t know how to create and add menus into our game. This includes the Create-A-Character screen(s.) Could we get some assistance?

You could do everything like it is shown in the video ->
e.g just place the menu interface somewhere into the level -> when he presses create a character the camera moves to another spot in the level where the player can change the char… :slight_smile:

Theres also this thread which is probably worth looking at.

Thanks guys. Not all of my questions were answered, but a fair amount of them were. Bruce: I’m working in Blueprint, but thanks all the same :smiley:
Edit: , that actually could work! It could be like Skyrim! However, I still have a problem with how to set that up. How could I use blueprint to allow the player to change his or her character’s physique if I start with a default char? Everything else sounds doable, but it sounds like a lot of Bools and it sounds like I need lots of nCloth and nHair xD

It depends on what exactly you mean with physics? -> phyisc asset? When you mean that, then I personally just would replace the whole character ^^ (but there is probably also another/better solution -> cant check it for you now, because atm I dont have access to the engine)
:stuck_out_tongue: yep, many bools are needed