How do I add mass and physicality to an mesh

I made a model in blender and imported it into ue4, I selected moveable but it just floats in air and I can walk through it. this is a very basic thing I am sure but im very new.


Open static mesh editor by double-clicking your mesh in content browser, select Collision menu and add the first one(will meet your needs for now). For more details check documentation on static meshes, it’s all there.

To enable physics select your static mesh in the level, navigate to details panel, under Physics category select simulate physics.

To add to this, manipulating the mass of the object is done via a Physics Material. Read up on them HERE, specifically the density of the object.

Thank you very much!

Also, you can create Physics Volumes to interact with it. For example to create a floor to fall on to and stuff like that. It’s also used for water and other fluids.

Physics category also has mass scale property that allows mass change.