How do I add input that moves the player camera up and then resets to the original camera pitch?

I have a First Person Character set up with a gun. When I shoot the gun, I want the player camera to pitch up and when I stop shooting, I want the camera to return to the pitch the camera had before I shot the gun.

You can do it on the character or AnimBlueprint. Interpolate the pitch while it bucks up to whatever the starting pitch was plus a saved value for the pitch change amount, then drop it back to the starting pitch. There is a Rotation Interpolate node.

You will need to set a gate, or check for a bool flag if it is to be in kickback or whatever you want to call it. Reset the pitch maybe each time you fire.

It will take some experimentation for you to get the feel of it how you want it.

Thanks, I’ll try it out and let you know.

I am having trouble figuring out to add pitch to the camera. What node do I use?

I just found out a way to add pitch to the camera. I am trying out the reverse you mentioned.

How can I get the current camera pitch?

How can I get the current camera pitch?