How do I add info into a footer below all my posts?

This might be a silly question. I see some people have little text snippets or links below their posts. Where can I add or enter these? Thanks in advance.

Hey S-Dot!

To edit your signature, use the menu on the upper right hand corner of the website and go to Profile.

Once in there click Edit Settings

Click the Account tab

Right next to Conversation Detail Options there should be a link that says “Edit Post Signature”

Place what you desire, click save changes and you’re all set. =)

Thanks a lot JonF!

Happy to help! =)

Yeah! I had to browse through the settings a few times before I found the edit signature button. It used to be a fairly obvious text box last time I had a signature. I like my new one tho… :cool:

Yeah after the forum changed a lot of people became confused as to where they could access the option. It’s definitely a bit harder to find than before. =P

Thanks, had to search this again, lol :slight_smile: