How do I add Destruction to my own Assets?

So I have some custom assets in my creative project and I was wondering how do I add the ability to break it into the building prop blueprint? For example, you hit a tree enough times, it breaks and you gain resources through each hit.

If I look through my blueprint properties I have damage enabled, wobble effects and the resource table it should use but if I start the game, its indestructible.

I don’t want to use prop manipulators everywhere because its eating my creative memory.

Any Help would be appreciated! Thank you!

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Hi MysticTree,

I found this doc, it looks like you need to add your Static Mesh to a Blueprint of the class ‘BuildingProp’

Let us know if you’re still having troubles. Welcome to the Forums!


Perfect thank you so much! I was able to get it to work however the document does not specify how to curve prop health. For example it is currently 1 hit and destroyed, and I don’t see where to configure that. Do you know where and what to search for in my building prop blueprint?

Thank you for the welcome! means a lot!

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Actually I figured it out, thank you very much I really apricate the help!

Could you explain what you did? Been trying to figure this out myself as well.

The only way I’ve found to change prop health is using the prop manipulator device