How do i add delay in custom loops?

i used to tutorial from the oficial channel Blueprint Essentials: Custom Loops | 14 | v4.2 Tutorial Series | Unreal Engine - YouTube and in it he adds a normal delay to it and i cant do it even with contact sensetivity off. how can i add delay to the loop or is impossible now?
if it is impossible how can i add a delay to the loop

and i can only add task wait delay

The problem is that you cannot set a delay in a function, you need to add it directly in the blueprint graph, therefor your for loop cannot be a function, but the parts that don’t use a delay can

i dont understand what you said but if i put a delay after a loop is just dosent work right is there a way to just make a loop with a delay?

Hello 678GUY,

If you would like to make a loop with a delay you could use the example below. I hope that this information helps.


In this example the loop starts on begin play and continues to run until “Continue?” equals false.

Make it a great day

thank you i added some stuff to it to do what i need it to do and it worked thx

Like he said you can not make a delay in a function call. The event graph is where all the red event nodes are like Tick and BeginPlay. You can only add a delay node on that graph.
So if you want this delay loop you can not have it in your own function but instead you must move all the function nodes to the top level graph right behind the event that triggered the function.