How do I add buttons to conditions?

So I want to make my character sprint when W + Left Shift buttons are pressed at the same time, so when you strafe (A, D) or walk backwards (S) you couldn’t sprint.
The blueprint is attached below.

I’m a very beginner to UE4, so I need very much help.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Here is what i would do:
Go to Project Settings → Input and create a new action mapping for sprinting.
Then in your character BP get the action event and set the speed for your character when it is pressed and released.
When you start to move with holding SHIFT you should run and with releasing SHIFT you should walk.

You can set a requirement for the shift key to be held for a specific action. This way whatever action you map to a specific key it will only work with Shift+Key down. So you don’t even need to mess with the character BP press/release just a direct map to sprint with Shift+Key down.

Thank you guys very much for helping me! This will probably speed up my entire game-building process! :slight_smile:

I came up with this:

Maybe I’m overthinking stuff; but you can’t use modifier keys for axis mappings, and you probably won’t use action mappings for movement. What you can see in my screenshot is basically “If the character is looking towards where he sprints, carry on; if he’s looking some other way (strafing or running backwards), stop sprinting”.

True, but you could always have the action map to a timer so it functions like an axis and then on released clear the timer.