How do I add additional skeletal mesh on runtime?

in Persona I see option “Additonal Meshes” where I can add new meshes to my character. What I want to achieve is add meshes in Blueprint on runtime, for example new clothes… Is it possible? If no, is any other way to change clothes during gameplay?


The additional meshes is just used for visualization in Persona. What you want to do is setup a blueprint (or C++ class) with a number of different SkeletalMeshComponent objects (One for the head, one for the body, etc. each sharing the same skeleton) And using the blueprint function “Set Master Pose Component” to link all your skeletal mesh components together to keep animation in sync. (Choose one of your skeletal mesh components to be the master and have all the others set their master pose component to it).

Then during gameplay, you can have a collectible item that when picked up set the SkeletalMesh of the Body component to the new SkeletalMesh of the clothes just as an example.

Thank you! That’s awesome!

Did you get this working ? I am trying to set this up but its not working for me.

I can only add skeletal mesh components, and set master pose, seams to only want a skinnedmesh component, what did you do ?


did you get this working?

I’d like to know how this was done as well. Without being able to work around the problems mentioned by , it seems to be impossible to have a child character blueprint override a mesh in the parent. The Automated Door tutorial that is often cited as a way to do this does not address the points made by . Does anyone know how to get around this?