How do I add a timeline node into my event graph in 4.25?

I am trying to create a dynamic material(dissolve) that triggers when the player inputs the key. I have got everything else to work, but now I need the material to go from 0-1 in my event graph in order for it to dissolve. I have been able to do this in previous versions of Unreal using a timeline, but now I am working on a class project in version 4.25.3 and the timeline node seems to be missing. Is this a glitch or is there a new way to create a timeline? I would greatly appreciate anyone’s help finding a solution.

I’m not a specialist of UE4 Inheritance but FTimelineComponent derive from UActorComponent. As such you can only attach it to an AActor & below.

I guess it should be possible to set your Timeline on the OwnerActor? Or you’ll have to use a Curve and/or FInterpTo.