How do i add a Sphere to a mesh/blueprint

Is there a tutorial about the Movement of the items shown in the Advanced Blueprint Demo in 2.5?
How do i add this Pickup Trigger/Sphere to my Object?

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could you be more specific about “Advanced Blueprint Demo in 2.5” by giving a link to it or smth ?

There is this Demo Project with all the Features in the Marktplace. And in this project the Level Blueprint Advanced. And in the Level in the Last Room the Last Showcase. Its 2.8 them. :slight_smile:

they used a timeline to achieve this :), to access the code go to your content browser and search for “BP_Pickup_Parent” blueprint, double click and go to “Animation to make the pickup rotate and bob up and down” section.

For more info about timelines read Timelines documentation

EDIT: to add a sphere trigger open “BP_Pickup_Parent” go to components tab and add a sphere component.

the sphere component acts like sphere trigger :slight_smile:

This is what i figured out too. But how do i add the Sphere?
The Blueprint begins with OnActorBeginOverlap (Name of Trigger). But how do i add this Trigger/Sphere?

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Oh i got it!!! It was pretty simple.
Just in the Blueprint → Components → Add Component

I thought you were asking about the movements, I apologize.

EDIT: I edited my answer