How do I add a First Person Character in a blank project?

Hi y’all! I’ve been using UE4 for a while now and I started a blank project. I know its pretty simple as to just create an FPS project on UE4 itself, but is there anyway i can just make it myself without the FPS template? I 'm a complete noob at this just so y’all know. Any help would be appreciated!

You can create a First Person Template project, and right click the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint → Asset Actions → Migrate, click ok, then select the Content folder of the project you want to migrate it to.

Alternatively you could also download the Started Anim Pack from Epic in the Unreal Marketplace, and import them into your blank project (it comes with a Blueprint i think, at least it comes with the same SkeletalMesh).

to add the template to a project: from the main viewport window, click the green add new button in the content browser section, then select add feature or content pack, then select the first person one, and finally click add to project.

you can also make your own character class then just add a camera to it and position the camera so that its in the first person position. theres a ton of tutorials out there on creating and setting up characters.

heres a link that shows one example.