How do I activate all attached objects?

I currently have 45 attached objects and each object has a different blueprint but they all have the same custom event and the same variable name. So is it possible to have a blueprint go through each attached object and activate the same custom event because I don’t want to create 45 variables with each one pointing to the same custom event.

Update: So I have a variable which is pointing to the object that the other 45 objects are attached to. I just need an alternative to making 45 variables and calling the same event.


Create an array of Actor Class. Add to this array all your blueprint objects. And with ForEachLoop nodes, set a new data to needed variables or generate events.

If you’re using a Custom Event and don’t want to do a generic function like “Scale Actor”, each different blueprint you want to call the Custom Event of you will need to make “Inherit Interface”. Make that interface have a function, then implement that function in every blueprint.

At that point you can “Get all Actors that Inherit Interface” and call the function.