How do I activate a HUD widget based on overlap?

Im trying to activate a battle screen when i enter a box collision (BattleTrigger), which will be like a pokemon battle screen, but i dont know how to tell the HUD that the collision has happend so that it will show the widget in the HUD.

Im guessing i have to cast something to the HUD but i dont know what or where im supposed to cast, or how to then access the casted ‘object?’.

I suppose the simplest way to do it would be to add and remove the HUD widget to/from the viewport. I believe the nodes are called AddToViewport and RemoveFromParent and the exist on a user widget. Just be careful to only create the widget once or you may end up with memory issues.

OnComponentBeginOverlap(Box) —> Create Widget —> Add to Viewport —> Set Show Mouse Cursor —> Get Player Controller