How do i achieve a head isolated first person camera?

Hello, i want to be able to isolate the head of my first person camera, because right now when i move my mouse horizontally, my actor rotates with it on the spot, which isn’t very realistic. I did an experiment where i disabled Use Controller Rotation Yaw and Use Pawn Control Rotation and it works great, the head is completely separate, i just have to clamp the rotation so the head does not turn more than 180º. The only problem right now is that the direction of the movement is no longer coming from the direction of the camera, i tried setting the control rotation to the rotation of the camera, but that way he’s going in circles, like chasing his own tail. Any ideas on how to fix that? Thank you :slight_smile:

Can you show your function where you are attempting this?

Can you explain what you are trying to achieve? Also, where are your input functions for the camera? Since you are setting the controller rotation to be the same as the camera, how are you moving the camera? Also, this is not a standard thing to do so I’m curious what effect you are trying to achieve?

I’m trying to make the camera use the camera rotation and not the control rotation so i can move the head without rotating the body on the spot if i look to the sides.If i do that i can move the head around, but i want to set the control rotation to the camera rotation so that where the camera is looking is considered the forward vector for the movement. The input events are in the same event graph, but they are the same as the first person template.

Well you will need a much more complicated setup because here is what I see you are currently doing.

Your inputs are being fed to Control Rotation which if you have the camera set to use pawn rotation it will use it. You turned that off for Free look. When you are in free look you are moving the control rotation with your inputs.

Then your camera is trying to set your control rotation based on where it is currently looking and that is why it is jerking back and forth.

If you disconnect the Set Control Rotation node in your BP you’ll see that when you move your mouse that your pawn is still rotating.

So what you need to do is disconnect those inputs from feeding into the pawn’s controller and have those control the camera instead.

If you PIE with 2 clients you’ll see what I mean.

Maybe you shold try one of those tutorials?: