How do I access the variables of a child Actor added by the construction script?


I’ve got an actor, “Maze”, which needs to create child actors of type “Wall” within its construction script. However, I need to set the variables of the resulting child actors, but I don’t know how. Please see my screenshot for what I’ve got set up so far…

The blue node of “Add Child Actor Component” returns the new component.
Just Klick on it, and drag a new node out of it and set the variables?

Please excuse me, I’m a bit of a beginner when it comes to UE4; please could you go into further detail into how to do this (including what nodes I need to create to set the variables)? Thanks!

I’ve managed to find a workaround by moving the code that selected the correct wall (originally handled by the wall blueprint) to the construction script of the maze, so all’s good, but if somebody has an answer do this, please do post as it may be useful in the future (from what I’ve heard, it may not be possible to access the actor’s variables using the “add child actor component” node).