How do I access selected actor in editor when using custom brush builder?

@ or anyone who might know the answer,

I created a custom brush builder class that’s working perfectly. It spawns an actor, currently at vect(0,0,0). I would like it to spawn that actor at the location of whatever is selected in the editor. Any idea how I would access that information?

Thanks for any information you can give me.

I never could find a way to get the editor selection in UDK with the brush builder. I know it exists but only under the cpp layer and as far as I could tell there’s no unrealscript function that will interact with it

best I could do was check an actor’s layer. perhaps you can fiddle with that to do what you need

I was looking for that too, but I didn’t found anyting. The only thing, similar to the layer as said, was to use some special tag and search it in all actors in the brush code.