How do I acccess to the cubemap in a material?

Hi, I needed to sample from the reflection cubemap texture. But I have no idea how to access the cubemaps. Is there a special node or any code that I can use in the custom node? Thanks

Uh, you mean the Cubemap node? Maybe I’m missing something here.

I only know about the getAmbientCubepamTint and intensity. I want to make samples from the prebaked scene cubemaps used for reflections in the materials. Looked into the files of those nodes I mention to see if I can create a custom node to get the cubema texture object, but no luck.

I’m still not quite sure what your are trying to do, but here are some links that seem relevant.

Cube Render Target sounds the most relevant. It’s like a scene capture, but for cubemap (maybe you’ve done this already)

I found this, which does scene capturing on the fly. I don’t think it’s exactly what you’re after, but may help point you in the right direction.

There is also reflection vector in bp or material editor.

If you could provide more info, I’d be happy to indulge.

Thanks, I was asking for sampling the scene reflection captures already present in the scene. All materials use they to create the default refrection so I assume it wont be too difficult.

I could make a system based on scene captures, but that will be redundant since there is already the reflection capture system.

As far as I know there is no node with the current scene capture/s the material is using, and I have been searching in the shader files but I have no idea how to expose them to the material editor from code.

bump!!! Anyone know any way of accessing the reflection captures in the materal?