How do change the time it takes to complete a Blueprint Timeline?

This is my current set up.

I want to be able to easily adjust the time it takes to complete an animation by changing the settings for the object in the editor. When I attach an integer node to “NewTime” It does not effect it.
Am I doing the right thing or is there another way?

When you create a Timeline, it will create the large Timeline node with all the Play, Play from Start, Update, Finished, etc. execution pins, but there is also a Timeline variable in the My Blueprint panel. If you drag that variable into the graph and create a Get node, you can drag off that node and set the play rate.


More information on nodes that can act on Timelines can be found here:
Timeline Nodes

Im not 100% sure what the newTime node does, but I would use the Time(int node) that you have connected and modify that through a ‘set Time’ node.

basically it would be something like

SomeCustomEvent->setTime(new time)

then call that event. in your graph and the Timenode you have connected to the Timeline would be updated automatically when SomeCustomEvent is called.

I had a play about and found that the “SetNewTime” node changes the point where the timeline plays from.
The SetTimelineLength changes how long the timeline will play for . So if the animation is 1 second and I set the timeline length to 0.5 it will only play half of the timeline.
So far I have not found a way to speed up or slow down an animation.

Any ideas?

Changed the Play rate and it has the effect I want.

As of right now there is no way to make the timeline go faster than what is already specified. NewTime is a time you can manually set on your timeline and when you call SetNewTime it will set the timeline to that value. You will have to use a second timeline for now. There is a request to get the playrate available currently in.

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