How difficult is it to implement Magic(-spells) into ur Game?

To keep it very short
I want to make a Game (heavily) inspired by the TV (cartoon) series: Avatar - The last airbender
if you don’t know the show…in short it’s a bunch of people with “superpowers” some can shoot and control fire and do fire spells - and the same goes for water, air and earth.
It’s like Regions and people of that Region can control a certain Element.

now I want the magic in the Game to look something like this.
How difficult of a task does this look like? , I don’t plan on buying the Blueprints off this guy I want to build it myself and start from scratch

I appreciate any advice or feedback

I’d say you’ve got your work cut out if you try and do that from scratch.

Why not get a more basic spells pack from the marketplace ( there are plenty for like 5 bucks ) and pick it apart to see how it works.

Another alternative: There’s a guy named Ambience Lee who has a very good Udemy course called “Introduction to Unreal Engine 4 Ability System.” He teaches you how to use the Unreal ability system to create spells that are along the lines you are talking about. That would get you a long way toward your goal.