How different is making a multiplayer game for android than a PC?

There are were few resources on the subject, and information scarce. All I wanted to know really, is what that difference is, and where it lies.
I’ve dabbled in making a multiplayer ‘game’ where steam was used to handle the servers, but what are the alternatives for android? Would much actual coding be necessary?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! It’s totally possible, but I’d say there’re very few tutorials on UE4 mobile development.
My main problem is that everything looks like sh#t on mobile (even with Mobile HDR enabled).
Without decent tutorials It takes crazy amounts of time to figure out how to make stuff look better on mobile.

Such a waste of time, unfortunately. I really wish Epic team to add some tutorials on UE4 mobile development.

(or maybe somebody could share some links to decent existing tutorials? many thanks!)