How did you start?

So I wanted to get an idea on what people did when they started to learn the unreal engine? For me I used a Udemy tutorial and based my capstone project off what I had learned.

I think a lot of people have the same route. They have an idea of what they want to produce, and then just head in that direction using any resources they can find.

Done some maps for ut2004, and i liked that, so that became my hobby.

Really what was it like using the older version of unreal and what maps did you make?

Been 3D modeling since like… 2005… maybe earlier… So I had lots of experience long before Unreal.

When UDK went public I wanted to give it a shot but I kept putting it off, then UE4 was released and I figured I may as well give it a shot and I’ve been making barely-functional content ever since!

Good old mapraider:

I made few more maps that are not uploaded there. Most mapping (3d movement, layout, keybindings were about same as it is in UE4). Mapping was a bit “short” love, then i did some 3d modelling (or rather tried to do).

I plan on getting a job in the industry and started learning unreal on and off for about a year, so I look at barely- functional content as better then nothing

I was using UE as a PBR environment, to view my models in a game setting. While searching for info on material creation, I learned about the blueprint scripting feature. As a non-programmer, this was a godsend, as it gave me the potential to make a game without learning a programming language. Something I had tried and failed on a number of occasions.

I used to be an alcoholic. I stopped drinking when I started work on my game. UE saved me from alcoholism. Now I have no life, but have been sober for nearly 3 years and have something to show for it. I have enjoyed making stuff so much that I don’t miss drink…or having a life.

I gave up learning programming languages over the decades. Plus I’ve tried to use several game engines with no success. Half Life 1 always rang a bell with me… same with UT99. I’ve wanted to recreate that 3D experience by learning modeling, texture work and music software. I’m not sure where I’m at right now, or if game development (or animations) is what I’m looking for. I’ve enjoyed computers since I was a child… so I wonder what it’s all for really? Why bother? Because something in me says do it.