How did you learn to use blueprints?

I am new with Unreal Engine and I don’t know how to start learning blueprints. I saw the tutorials in the main channel of Unreal Engine and still I dont have idea how it works. So my question is how did you learn to use blueprints and how many time did it take you.

So far, 2 years and i wouldnt consider myself to be “good” at it yet. I know my way around but i dont know all the nodes and when to use “this” over “that”.
I just hire people for that lol

Just head over to the youtube tutorials and start doing things as in the video. I was in the habit of simply watching the tutorials, but once I practice it right in my computer - it becomes so much more understandable.

Just watch and follow random tutorials that use blueprints and be patient. It is a paradigm shift (not so much) to get your head around which makes it harder for hardcore C++ developers to learn than non developers (IMHO). You won’t really be able to avoid it and do everything in C++. Give it a month or so of very lazy learning and wait for the flashes of light bulbs. You could do a cheap udemy online course (if you can withstand the how to install UE4 and other spoon feeding type stuff).

Use whatever works I say, but watching random tutorials doesn’t work that much for me.
Neither does YouTube in general. I find its much faster to just deconstruct working BP’s.
See Community Tools (free but you have to hunt) or buy-from Marketplace (no hunting).

The BP docs are awful same as Kismet. No depth of knowledge offered about any node.
So what should you do? Just focus on making games or at least prototypes anyway etc.
If a tutorial is relevant improves gameplay then watch, if not bookmark it for next project…

I was pretty comfortable with Blueprints in 2 or 3 days after downloading the engine. The main thing for me was that I didn’t know any of the engine terminology.

I don’t like watching tutorials to learn how to do things, just how to to use them, so I watched the Unreal Engine tutorial for spawning randomly colored cows, and then just played around from there.