how did u do it

Hello. I wanna do a platformer-puzzle side scroller game. Only me tho. 1 man team. I have done audio - models. Mostly from videos or tuts. Im new to UE or game development. This blueprnt is so confusing. How do i get to know and be able to do anything i want? Where to start. I looked at samples and ue4 hub. It didnt do any good. I wanna do something like when i shoot wood under the bucket full of water it breaks and fire is gone under it. Complex puzzles. I have no idea how to begin.
I there something like list of what every BP do? I have no idea what they do.

Im almost going to give up. I couldnt make any progress. Im very upset. Any of you pros out there how did u become pro?
I have no money. I have to do this myself.

In my opinion the easiest way to learn it is -> learning by doing or with a tutor
Just open a blueprint and try to figure out how everything works. Of course this will take a long time, but after some time you will know how everything works. When you have any problems, you can always post a question into the forum -> we are always here to help :slight_smile:

Some good ressources for blueprints:

Also make sure to search for specific stuff. e.g how to create a projectile → then you will find plenty of information on the internet (youtube, forum, answerhub,…)

Look up tesladev on you tube for all kinds of quick vids to get started.

Thx. I guess thats how its done.

Like the others have said, the best way to learn is to just jump in a do it. Download the sample projects, watch tutorials and learn how to at least read C++. That last one has helped me a lot. I can barely write it at all but being able to read it and understand the logic has helped me translate things into Blueprint

Ha don’t give up. For me it was 2 weeks of cursing every evening until i got blueprint communication. Starting some basic stuff in blueprints was quite easy, because i played with kismet in udk (old bp version) and i am also programmer, so i could guess what blueprint nodes should do. Last cliff to get onto that “i know bps” plateau was that bp communication and esp event dispatchers. I could not grasp how they are done (because some funny glitch in creating them) but then i asked myself how i would implement that in C++ and well epic guys did exactly same, so i kind of guessed it.

Just do not give up. keep playing with them, you will get to other side of wall.

Most important advice you can ever get … it is almost like an epiphany moment when it happens … and then it is all just happy thereafter. 8-}

Thx. I tried to do basic BP. Barrel explodes when some1 walks in to it. Also it hurts the actor. It looks done to me. But never does what it suppose to do. Always something is missing. been trying whole night. Its frustrating even not being able to do this simple.
Which im planning advanced puzzles in my head. Idk how to do it.
Im gonna play with it a lot. Lets see if i get better.

I have been working on trying to get skiing/snowboarding in blueprints for over a month, I know what you mean about things not working haha

There’s definitely a little bit of a learning curve with Blueprints and following the chain of interactions. Sometimes it seems (especially when setting variables and options) that you’re working backwards from the problem and, in a way, I guess sometimes you are. But if you know what you need, then you build back the chain to get there. Right now I’ve hit a wall in my function that builds the walls in my procedural level (Yeah, what an interesting coincidence…lol) but I’m not giving up. Just posting a question, and stepping back for a little bit. Sometimes it’s great to just come to the forums and start reading random posts. You probably won’t find what you need at the moment, but what you DO find will almost certainly help to build and reinforce your understanding of Blueprints.

You try and try and try until something works. You need that inner fire, the drive. Don’t let the computer win.

Instead of focusing on the game I wanted to make at first, I just went through all the training videos that Epic has put out about blueprint and followed along in an empty project. Once you have one example working directly from a tutorial, see if you can change aspects of it and change how it works. This is a good way to be sure you understand the underlying concept so you can apply it later in another context.

When I first started I was confused about blueprints, matter of fact, there still is a lot of thing I don’t understand. What helped me was reading about programming. I cannot code but I read about how to code. Learn about functions, variables, etc and you should have a better understanding of how visual scripting works and the order of process. Also it just takes time, been doing it for a year and there is still so much to learn.


I ll do that. thx.