How did Bethesda Softworks developed the big terrain in Fallout 3?

Did they use this tool?

Or did they use Gamebryo or a in-house tool?
Can it be done in Unreal Engine and a last question, how large terrain can Unreal Engine handle?

Probably some tools they created, Unreal is a way better engine and has its own terrain creation tools and can do quite a large landscape.

Thanks for your reply, but what if I want a “endless” terrain or a large terrain in a scala of the Fallout 3 terrains? I have basic knowlegde of World Machine and some other terrain-tools. Im a one-man team and developing a Forest-simulator, where the story is kinda same of Fallout 3, but with some variations and freedom.

Fallout 3 isn’t endless, or even that large compared to other games

Also if you’re just starting out, you might want to consider something more reasonable, there’s not much point in creating a big world unless you can fill it with interesting things which can mean a lot of work.

@Frequia, do a search for “World Browser”, there’s a tutorial thread about it on the forums. It’s pretty much exactly what you want (streaming, tiled terrains). It can import World Machine tiles too.

Yeah, I know its alot of hard work to develop a game, especially if you are a one-man team.
I also saw something about World Browser in Epics latest Twitch-stream and it looks interesting :slight_smile:

I found this tutorial (audio is wierd) and as I understand, you can setup “level-streaming” with World-Browser for large terrains?

Yes. You can do level streaming either by using world browser or inside blueprint. However, before you start that i suggest creating an 8k landscape and taking a look at it’s size. Walk from one corner to the next in first person view and see if you think you can fill all that space because it is huge.

Thanks for the tips, will try that :slight_smile:

Great advice. 8km is really big, especially if your player does not walk at Usain Bolt’s sprinting speed (which is pretty common in FPS games). It’s a lot of work to fill that kind of area with content.

Also it gives you a nice basis - if you need to you can later chop your 8km terrain into 2km terrains and use the World Browser to stream it, or even make additional 8k terrains to use.