How Create to Realistic Destruction Effect?

Houdini is one of the most used today. Research for Houdini and Destruction and you will find tons of stuff over the internet. I think they have their own videos covering this for the current version that you can watch.

I look houdini but maybe explosion single frame render export and import to texture unreal engine. So explosion is only texture and nothing realistic lighting only single light.

Download the free NVidia Blast plugin:…blastue4-intro

(You need to create an NVidia developer account and link it to your github account to access their github repository: Access GameWorks Source on Github | NVIDIA Developer)

Blast is more realistic than Nvidia physX ?

PhysX was not really in charge of destruction on NVidia’s side of things, but in fact a module called APEX Destruction, which is now deprecated in favor of Blast (part of GameWorks). So, now Blast is independent of the PhysX (which is now opensource and already multiplatform) and it only deals with destruction representation while physics and visualization is delegated to the application.

Excuse me physX=apex ?

That’s not what he said.

O.o You know you can get all the information directly from source at NVidia…

Just to make it clear, PhysX stands for the physics model which actuates on elements in your scene (ie. meshes) while Blast (and also APEX was) stands for how the destruction is applied to elements (ie where and how the cracks, slashs, bents, will appear). Once you have the destroyed parts realized (aka debris are defined), then Blast ends its task and then PhysX comes in telling how the destroyed parts will react to a force applied at some point of the mesh. So, each module with its responsibilities.