How create Anim BP using Mannequin walk?

Is there a tut to learn how to create an Anim BP for the Mannequin using it’s imported animations? Not yet covered animation.

I recommend checking out animation blueprint for third person template’s player pawn. You’ll discover it’s not very complicated. Simple event and animation graphs, one state machine for locomotion, 1 blendspace for smooth idle-run transition.

Thanks shall have a look.

There is a couple of questions… can a Pawn have movement (walk animation)? because I tried a Character and having trouble with Gravity also slight offset when spawning. All I need is for a character to go to a new location either by a Walk or Fly animation, the game type is an overhead RTS.

well, it doesn’t rely on character, the skeletal mesh component is where you assign the animation type/asset.

Although pretty often animation blueprint relies on being assigned to specific actor type to pull values from, for example to know how fast it’s moving. Can be mitigated by using interface, not that I’d encourage it at this stage :wink:

Has been helpful, thanks.