How create a spline in realtime by adding spline points?

[UE4 4.10.4]
Hello everyone ! I’m a french video game student and i have some issues with how to set up start and end point of a spline by adding more points in realtime. I hope you will be able to help me understand the logic behind my problems.

In a 3D platformer you control a character who can spawn clouds and use them. I would like to make a rain cloud who can draw water on the map by using a spline in realtime.
When you use the ability, the third person character is unposses. You now posses the cloud. You can move the cloud, the cloud is a pawn.

A line trace check the impact point to spawn a spline actor while the rain cloud is active (a spline component and a static mesh or spline mesh)
After the spline actor is spawned i want a new spline point be added every X tick. In order to create a water path.

It’s the same spline as in this excellent tutorial video

the spline points that i add dont seems to be add or recognize by the start point of the primary spline actor.

I miss some logic concerning where the add spline point node must be placed.
At best the spline actor is spawned multiple times with no links between them.

Spawned spline actor Event graph Blueprint

Spawned spline actor Construction Script

Rain Cloud Pawn Event Graph

Every components are set as movable.
The spline works perfectly in editor. (rotation, tangent calcul, spacing, new points adaptation)
But not in realtime … T_T

I’ll be happy to discuss about possibilities of adding new spline points of a spline actor in realtime.
Thank you so much !

Wow, not a single comment, nor answer. My exact question. If I do find a solution, I will come back here. albeit 3 years later.

■■■■ , my solution was in c++. I am using AddSplinePoint. Not very helpful to you I’m afraid. Sorry.

can you tell me the c++ solution ?

i cant paste code here, its too long. this link will expire in a week.this works in editor, PIE and in packaged game.

Can you paste this answer up again I am curious what your solution was

The answer is too long. So I cant really paste it here.
We did a video on this for draping vines using Unreal engine and speed tree with spline mesh components in c++.

Great thanks I’ll check this video out!

I’ll refer you to the article I was referred to, it should help :slight_smile: