How create a minimap like this

This minimap (from Assassins creed) have some things I want know “How to…”:

1)He isn’t a record form a Scene Capture 2D…it’s something like cartoon

2)He shows the player and special location with sprites or 2D images

  1. When I enter in buildings or caves he leave the exterior map and show me the interior map

Anyone know how to do it or know some leads to create this???

Well if yo move a head a little it actully quite easy to figure how to do it in UE4

  1. It’s image aligned to 2 axis (X, Y) of world, scrolls depending on player position, you can make material that takes player position as parameter and scroll image based on it, but thats just one way of doing it. Ofcorse you need to do image somehow, you can make screen of top view of map and photoshop it in some fancy way.

2)Make sphere trace that searches for objects of interest or you can hold things in arrays, read positions of objects and only use 2 axis (X, Y) and substract agains X, Y of player position, so you got distance vectors which ten you can apply in HUD on top of minimap. Feather objects are displayed like a compass based on angle, you need to calculate angle of distance vector and place icon on HUD in right angle from player

3)You just switch images on specific zones

So as you see you won’t avoid doing some math.

We will never escape from math! xD hahahahahaha

I’ll do some tests later :slight_smile:

That will double render everything visible. Minimap like that is not readlly a goodidea, altho in game that doesn’t have a lot of triangles will work as a charm.

Made in correct way, no.