How could I simply have an object move along the y axis without input?

I’ve looked for a few days now on this and I must be missing something basic…I’m building a game where a boulder chases the player down a track that constantly spawns more track. The track has 3 lanes but the boulder is big enough to cover all 3 lanes, so i just want the boulder to travel down the y axis, chasing the player. I’ve thought about making it an AI Class and just following the player but wouldn’t that make the boulder off center? I would appreciate any help or redirects if this question is already answered somewhere else. Thanks so much!

Local Y axis or World Y axis?

With rotation or just translation?

Physics or non-physics?

Example: local Y axis and non physics actor

So I do plan on setting up collision events, but no physics for the rolling ball. I do want it to rotate like it’s rolling however, so there is rotation. Also I’d like it to move in the world location. I tried what you put above, but it isn’t working for me. You have a speed variable…what is that attached to or where is that set? Do I need to add a movement component to get that to work? Thanks for your reply

Rotating movement component

Then like Rev0verDrive suggested, add a rotating component:


Set its rotation rate:


And to move: