How could I record in UE4, a "first person player" view, for example, in the FLV format

Hey Folks,

A newbie Unreal Engine user here. I’m wondering if I could have unreal engine running and save video in the FLV format. For example, could I play the demo first person shooter game and have it record the first person view AND save it to a destination of my choice in the FLV format?

The FLV format is crucial. If there is no direct way to save in this format, are there any known workarounds besides converting an mp4 file to FLV?


Hey there,
Someone else may have another suggestion, but to my knowledge there is no FLV codec support inside Unreal. Other than transcoding to FLV after recording, the only thing I can think of would be to screen capture the gameplay with another piece of software. Out of curiosity, why FLV?


Unfortunately the place where I want to send the feed is constrained to flv as it can be read on the fly. As a follow up, do you know if its possible to capture frames from say a camera at runtime and save them immediately? I’m aware that the sequencer tool can be used to record and obtain frames after the fact, but I was hoping to obtain these frames as the project is run.