How could i put Files in a ready Game?

Sorry, my English is bad… but i hope you get what i write ^^

I would like to know, if i could get external files like Pictures, Audio and Video files from a Folder into the ready “Thing”? NOT into the Engine. In the build and ready to use “Game”

I have a Project thats planned as a editable structure. So that the User should be able to change Textes ect and also to use his own Files on a simple way like: Put it in a folder, tell the Game where it is and its Done…

As example… maybe think about a interactive picture frame with a slideshow effect as Decoration.
Than, if you want some Pictures of your Dog or whatever to show in the Game, put them in a Folder and tell the game the path to it, or put them in a folder the game knows.

I am just starting… so its more a Test than a really Game of course, but i need to start somewhere…^^

if your just starting out with this project i would look into Rama’s victory plugin. it has many nodes for importing things from files and many other very useful nodes. i dont think the plugin is on the marketplace but you should be able to find it pretty quick via google.

In Project Settings → Packaging, you can set “Additional Non-Asset Directories to Package”, so you can add any other file to your built game during cooking.

Also, after cooking, you can read files from the built project directory freely with C++, so you can actually load files which were created by users without setting anything. It works the same way as loading from pak files.