How could I project a route onto the floor of my level

I’m making a 3d tower defence game and I want to show the route the enemies will take on the floor so the player can see where to place turrets.

I want somthing similar to the line from overwatch that points the way to the objective except in this game it would trace the AI’s route (They have a preset route so I don’t want to do anything fancy like calculating the line with blueprints as that shouldn’t be nessessary). I figure it should be possible using a spline and construction script but I don’t know how to go about it.

SImply put, I need a 2d line that I can put in the level and can customise in the level editor as the level design will likely change a lot as the game progresses. I’ve done similar things before to lay out wires and pipes in a level but that all used meshes and I can’t seem to refit the blueprints for a sprite (Which was my initial thought on how to do this)

*Edit: I am aware of the spline content examples. They however deal with meshes and I was hoping to use somthing like a sprite if that is possible.

*Edit 2: Does anyone know if Splines can be used with sprites? If so how?

if its something to be run during the game i wouldnt use the construction script since that only fires when a actor is created. i also dont know if i would use splines either as it may round things too much. my first thought was to use nav data and the points associated with that then create your mesh or particles, but that will depend on your nav solution i suppose. are you using a nav mesh and what kind of pathing are you using? you say its 3d but is it something like grid based movement? using the nav data has one great point going for it, its the data the enemies are actually using to move from point a to b so it should be pretty accurate.

below is a little example so you can understand what im talking about. basically all it does is find a path between two actors, then we use the points it uses for the path and we use that data to make a debug line. in a packaged game debug wont work so you would need to use a mesh or particle or something.

I don’t really want to calculate the line with blueprints. I just want a line I can drop into the editor and then drag/customise to be the shape I need, hence why i wanted to use construction script.

I might be able to use a debug line for now however, as you pointed out, that will not show up in a packaged game. I don’t know how I would make a more tangable line which was why I asked the question.