How could I negate both gravity and it's velocity?

I have a character in a side scroller that i’m trying to keep suspended in the air while a key is pressed, but i’m not sure how to negate both gravity and it’s velocity. I’m using blueprints, any help will be greatly appreciated

Are you using physics (eg, applying gravity automatically) or are you applying gravity manually as a negative translation value along the Z vector?

I’m applying it automatically using physics

Try adding an impulse force along the world’s up vector. Your character should “hang” in midair a bit as the upward impulse force dissipates and is overtaken by the downward force of gravity.


Additionally, if you want the character to stay suspended as long as a certain key is pressed, you could apply a constant upward force after the impulse force in the same direction while the key is down.

gravity gets applied during the falling state, so if you want to change controls to hover, you should go into some kind of hover state.