How could I make the character go up more centimeters?

Hello!! It is possible to change how many centimeters the character can climb from somewhere. If there is more than 5 centimeters, the character does not climb… it gets stuck in the mesh/model…

I don’t know how I can change this!!


not 100% shure if this does help. But if ur using the character movement component in yout your character Blueprint. You should be able to set the step hight in the details panel.

Here is how to find the value in the character blueprint.

  1. Select your charater movement Component
  2. Either search for ‘Max Step Height’ or find the value under ‘Character Movement Walking’
  3. The stepHeight should be in mm so it makes sense that the char cant climp over 5 cm steps


[just ignore this advise if it does not suit your project]

If you want to set up walkeble stairs I encourage you to look into setting up a slope as collision for the stairs. This does prevent the bumping motion when the chars climbs up stairs.



I finally found something from your advice. Thank you very much !!