How could I make a time travel mechanic?

Anyone know how I could make a button in ue4 26 that would take my character seamlessly back 5 seconds using blueprints? Its a ragdoll playground type of game and I want the player, when they jump off a bridge, to be able to go back a few seconds to when they were on the bridge, so they can jump off again, and again, and again. If anyone has ANY ideas on this I’d appreciate it.

I’ve never done something with it and I don’t know if it can be used for things like that but you could inform yourself a iut the replay system:

I don’t think that this is achievable without real development.

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It’s quite complex but also an easy theory.

You create a manager actor that stores all localized item positions over time.
Then you set up for playback by adjusting object positions.

This takes care of most physic moving objects making it possible to play and rewind.

Playing animations (a character walking backwards) is much harder.
A possible pathway is to modify all animation blueprints and expose the play rate value.
Cycle the value to -1 as you repeat the same state changes.
There’s more to it than just that, but it is a start…

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I think a more easy and manageable system would be to just create an autosave system which saves the game state once per minute, and then you can keep a few hours worth of saves to travel back to